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Heated Styling Tools:

Your Best Friend or Worst Enemy?

Does your hair talk about you behind your back?  Does it act like your best friend one day and your worst enemy the next?  If so, it is probably trying to tell you something.  There are many things that can make your strands feel mistreated or neglected and scorching them with your thermal tools is one of them.  Your hair needs to feel protected and you are the only one who can do that.

There are many women out there who have not been educated on how to protect their hair from damage caused by their hot tools.  I wanted to change that; therefore, I have compiled a list of six tips that, when put into action, will save the relationship between you and your strands.  Your hair has so much potential; more than you give it credit for, so learning how to protect it is crucial to its growth.  Even if you already notice split ends and breakage, practicing these damage-control tips will not only make your hair feel happier, it will look happier too!

In Part 2 of this article, I’ll reveal my damage-control tips that could make or break your hair (literally).  You’ll also be introduced to a must-have, all-in-one product that is taking the salon by storm!  But don’t just take my word for it- Check it out for yourself!  I can just about guarantee it will make the status of the relationship with your locks, go from “It’s complicated” to “Happily Ever After”! 

Women use styling tools every day to help them achieve the perfect look. Whether it’s a flat iron to create sleek, straight strands or a styling wand for the oh-so-popular beach waves, all hot tools can make your strands mad by causing some degree of damage to them.  Therefore, whether your locks love or hate your flat iron depends on how protected they feel.  But don’t go spending all your time and money on products that don't do what they promise.  Instead, make your hair look and feel happy again with our all-in-one fortifying spray.  No more having to use seven different products that end up weighing your hair down anyway.  Let me introduce you to a product that has been quoted as being “life-saving” and a “game-changer”.  Not only was it formulated with nine essential oils, it also contains all the benefits your hair needs in one bottle, which will make your hair feel like a weight has been lifted off its shoulders.  :)

How do you know if your hair has heat damage?  Dryness and breakage are two main indicators that your locks are not happy.  Other signs include: lackluster (dull) strands, altered or crimped hair texture, and frayed ends.  You could also notice your strands start to tangle up easier, causing it to be harder to brush.  This is your hairs’ way of fighting back.  It might, also, not be responding to hot tools, which probably means you are getting the silent treatment. This is most likely because it is not happy about the compromised state it’s been put in.  

With its nine essential oils, Water Works “Rescue” spray hydrates, strengthens, repairs, and protects the hair.  It is also a UV and heat protectant, leave-in detangling conditioner, and it promotes hair growth as a scalp & hair fortifier.  “Rescue” was formulated to focus on the integrity of the hair- meaning, it doesn’t just mask the damage- it fills in the “potholes” the damage has caused, making each strand stronger and not as fragile.  Adding “Rescue” to your regimen, helps kick start the repair process, producing results sooner and longer.

So, the next time you decide to use a flat iron on your already parched strands, do them a favor and follow these tips.


  1. Use quality heat tools with temperature control.  It’s important to use tools that are made of Ceramic, Tourmaline, or Titanium.  They distribute heat more evenly than the cheaper models and they contain moisture-locking ions which help prevent against heat damage.

  2. Make sure hair is completely dry before applying hot irons. Hydrogen bonds within the hair are broken when heat is added and re-bonded when cooled.  If there is moisture present in the hair and you proceed to use a heated styling tool, air bubbles will form within each strand destroying those hydrogen bonds causing weak points which will ultimately result in breakage.

  3. Turn the temperature down- like waaay down!  Just because your straightener says it will reach 400 degrees does not mean it should be set that high! You should be using the lowest possible temperature suitable for your hair type. And if possible, limit your hot tool usage or better yet, embrace your natural texture for a while, and give your hair a much-needed break.

  4. Make a choice.  It’s either the blow dryer or the flat iron, not both.  You cannot have your cake and eat it too!  Using both is only going to cause problems and someone always ends up getting hurt (which will more than likely be your hair unless you grab the wrong end of your flat iron, then your hand will be the one getting hurt.  :)   
  5. Use professional shampoos & conditioners.  They are more concentrated than drug store brands and contain higher quality ingredients.  Water Works’ sulfate-free, professional shampoos and conditioners are formulated with extra vitamins, oils, and extracts which help hydrate, repair, protect, and strengthen the hair.

  6. ALWAYS protect your hair.  If nothing else, at least use a heat protectant/fortifier, such as Water Works’ “Rescue” Spray, prior to using hot tools. They work as a barrier against heat by adding additional moisture to the hair that your styling tools would normally strip out.   They are essential to nourishing the hair and preventing future damage.

Unfortunately, once the hair is damaged from heat, it can never be fully repaired without a good haircut.  I’m not saying you need to get rid of your styling tools, but practicing healthy haircare habits is the key to mending the relationship between you and your flat iron. So even if the damage has already been done, adopting these habits is still crucial for preventing future heat damage and maintaining a long and healthy relationship with your strands.  

For best results, use “Mayday” shampoo & conditioner by Water Works or “SOS” shampoo & conditioner by Water Works prior to applying “Rescue” to repair, restore, and protect your strands!  They will thank you; I promise.



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