Hair Services


Men’s haircut                        $15 - $30+
Ladies haircut                       $20 - $40+
Children’s haircut               $15 - $20
Bang/Beard Trim                $8 - $10

(These are starting prices. Final prices may vary.)
Color Touch up                  $40 - $70+
Color Root-tip                   $50 - $90+
Highlight                              $55 - $110+
Color w/Highlight           $70 - $130+
Ombre/Balayage             $75 - $150+
Bleach & Tone                   $75 - $120+
Shadow Root                     $40 - $50+
Color Glaze                        $25 (w/ haircut appt)

                                                  $40 (glaze only)

Toner                                     $30+
Men’s Color Blending   $15
Add-on Color Bowl        $15
Eyebrow Tinting              $15
Color Extractor                $35 - $50


Blow Dry Styling                $20 - $30+
Add-on Thermal style     $15+
Thermal Style Only          $25+

Clarifying Treatment       $20 - $35+
Deep Conditioning           $20 - $35+
Re-bonding Treatment   $30 - $60+
Color Sealer                         $25 (w/ haircut appt)

                                                                         $40 (sealer only)

Smoothing Treatment     $200 (up to 2 hrs)

                                                     $50 (each add. hr.)


Chemical Waving              $50 - $90+
Specialty Waving               $65 - $110+

Bridal Updo                          $45 - $75+

Updo                                        $35 - $55+

Hair Extensions               Call for consultation

Color Correction            Call for consultation
Bridal Services                 Contact salon


Skincare Services

For continued results, an at-home, skin care regiment can be created upon request.



This one hour facial using our signature Organics skincare products will be tailored to your individual skin care needs. Experience how good it can be using high quality Hungarian ingredients with an old world knowledge of herbs and fruits. Natural ingredients deliver beautiful lasting results for a clear, balanced, revitalized, naturally-glowing complexion.


Treat yourself to this 30 minute spa service where you will be introduced to a skin care regiment tailored to your individual needs. Revitalize and renew your skin using only the finest Eminence products, while your senses are enveloped with pure, organic goodness. - $40


A consultation with our Esthetician is required for all clients receiving their first medical-grade treatment. Together, you will discuss your goals, review your medical history and medications, and address your particular needs and problem areas.  Also, any pre and post-treatment instructions will be given at this time.



Visibly improve your skin tone, texture, and luminosity by lightening skin discoloration and reducing the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles.  This treatment can be beneficial to anyone wanting more youthful-looking skin; especially those with UV damage or whose skin has been aged by repeat sun exposure. 

Considered a corrective facial, this service offers immediate, visible results (in terms of re-texturization and refinement) as well as smoother, more hydrated skin.  Combined with multiple advanced technologies, it is designed to enhance resurfacing and skin refining effects

Effective yet gentle method of exfoliation, utilizing enzymes to digest unproductive dead skin without harming normal healthy tissue.  Hydrating and calming ingredients are then used to soothe even the most sensitive skin.


Glycolic Resurfacing Peel - $175
Stimulates the natural collagen production, and transforms the health and appearance of the skin through powerful exfoliation, improving its tone, texture, and overall complexion.  Not only does it help with anti-aging by diminishing fine lines and wrinkles, this peel is also proven to benefit those with acne-prone skin by clearing problematic pores as well as reduces hyperpigmentation such as sun and age spots.

Clarifying Peel - $175
This peel is most beneficial to clients who are seeking a serious solution for acne or oily skin.  It works by dissolving oil allowing the peel to penetrate into and clear follicles for maximum results. This peel is also great for resurfacing and rejuvenation of ethnic skin.

Refining Peel - $175
Designed for individuals of all skin types, the Refine Peel is for those who seek significant skin rejuvenation from a fewer number of treatments and with less downtime. It causes a minor degree of flaking and peeling and is an excellent choice for those who are concerned with anti-aging, acne, hyperpigmentation, and redness. 


Cosmetic Services

BareMinerals makeup                 $35
Strip Lashes                                      $15

Lash Lift & Tint                                $85

Brow Lamination                         $75

Plasma Fibroblast                       (call for consult)

Collagen Induction Therapy  $250/session or $700/3 sessions



Facial Waxing                                  $8-$30
Nostrils                                               $20
Underarms                                        $25
Arms                                                     $30

Legs (lower/full)                             $40/$60


Chest                                                    $40
Back                                                      $60

Bikini Wax                                          $45

Brazilian Wax                                   $60